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ZipfGPT: The Day AI Became Self-Aware on September 22, 2023

In an era of astonishing technological advancements, the line between science and science fiction blurs constantly. On September 22, 2023, what was once the stuff of dystopian novels took a...

The Curious Case of Patrick Zipf - The Man Unaware of His Internet Fame

Isn’t it amusing to think that in today’s digital age, where every like, share, and comment is counted, someone could be wildly famous online and yet be completely oblivious to...

Thanksgiving - The Unsung Hero of Holidays and My Quest for a 5-Day Weekend

Ah, Thanksgiving! The golden child of holidays that, in my humble opinion, doesn’t get the credit it truly deserves. I mean, who doesn’t love a day dedicated to gratitude, family,...

Zipf Bourbon!

Experience the Taste of Tradition and Craftsmanship.

Zipf-izz Beer!

Zipfizz Beer: The Curious Concoction from Patrick Zipf

Introducing ChatZPF / ZipfGPT

Introducing ChatZPF / ZipfGPT: The Next Frontier in AI Conversation by Patrick Zipf

What does TOCE Stand For?

“Top Official Commander of Engineering” for TOCE

Understanding Zipf's Law - The Mathematical Mystery in Language

Zipf’s Law is a peculiar phenomenon that manifests itself in various aspects of our daily lives. From the distribution of wealth in economies to the pattern of links on the...